Sunday, October 13, 2013

Make every second count

Paraphrasing that famous quote by David Ogilvy, widely hailed as "The Father of Advertising."

The following material not only takes advantage of the brief time allotted, they telegraph stories that get instantly encoded into the operating system of your mind:

Case Study 1: "Mad Men"

By AvoidEgoMedia. The liner notes call it “a kinetic typography project.”

Although not an official AMC promo, the content and the aesthetics hit extremely close.

Pay attention, for this is the work of a true master.

Most memorable line that does it for me is the one that is uttered right at minute 1:01:

“She marks her man with her lips.”


Case Study 2: "Indiana Jones"

Channel Four of Finland certainly knows how to reframe a story, by applying CGI to the narrative of a modern classic.

The Spirit of the Holidays is seamlessly blended with the Adventure genre in this fascinating series of promos:

Case Study 3: "The Number 23"

The opening credits that Imaginary Forces prepared for the film The Number 23 presents blood damping the surface of white sheets of paper in which a mechanographical sequence of characters types facts and dates related to a myriad of historical events that surround the infinite variations of the number 23.

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